About Us

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About Lifespring Health Center

We are a men’s health and testosterone therapy clinic dedicated to helping men feel better: more alive, stronger, and happier.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. If you want to come into the office and be seen in person, great! Come on in. If you’d rather do it from your couch, great! We’ll set up a video call for your first visit. After that, we can follow up by phone, text, or email as needed. 

We offer treatment for low testosterone, ED, and weight loss in a friendly, understanding environment. No judgment here! No waiting weeks for an awkward appointment with a doctor who may not be on board with TRT. No weekly visits to the clinic to get your injections (you can do them yourself at home!). It’s simple, safe, and convenient. 

Our clinic is in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Fountain City neighborhood. We also offer video visits for men in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, & the rest of Tennessee.

About Cora Reynolds, NP 


Our mission is to help men function at their best. This means optimizing overall health as well as testosterone levels to promote men’s wellbeing on a physical and mental level. Men should be empowered to express healthy masculinity: strength, courage, innovativeness, clear thought, and active energy.


Men should have the chance to feel good and make their life the way they want it to be.

The natural expression of healthy masculinity should be encouraged.

We operate with transparency, compassion, and honesty, always.

The safety and wellbeing of our patients comes first, always.

What Sets Us Apart


Did you know other men’s health companies only check 4-5 lab values before starting you on testosterone? Frankly, that’s just not good medicine. You need a full picture of your health before starting any medical treatment. That’s why we get a full set of labs, including your testosterone and other hormone levels, as well as other measures of how your body is functioning. This helps us provide you with the best care possible.

You’ll get personalized attention and convenience at Lifespring Health Center. You can easily book your appointments online and text your healthcare provider any time with questions. You’ll always see the same person, not whoever is available.