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Get Your Life Back with Testosterone Replacement Therapy From the Comfort of Your Home

Life Is Waiting For You

Are You Ready?

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At least 1 in 4 men have sub-optimal
testosterone levels.

Our toxic environment, unhealthy food, and inactive lifestyles are poisoning men!

A 2007 study found that the average testosterone level of American men had been declining by about 1% per year since 1987.

Men today have far less testosterone than their fathers and grandfathers did at the same age.

Do I Have Low Testosterone?

When a man’s testosterone level is low, he basically feels terrible. He feels lazy, unmotivated, and depressed. He packs on belly fat, drops muscle mass, and loses interest in sex – or it’s difficult to perform. His brain is foggy and it’s harder for him to pay attention. He doesn’t sleep well. In addition, he’s at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

Reduced Sex Drive

Changes In Mood

Lower Energy Levels

Weaker Erections

Correcting your testosterone level will help you get back the life you want!

Feel Energized

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to get stuff done? You can get back that youthful drive you once had and be energized and productive again. You’ll start feeling this effect within just a few weeks of testosterone therapy.

Rev Up Your Libido

Bring back that lovin’ feelin’! Once your testosterone level starts getting back to where it should be, your sex drive will increase. Within 6 weeks of treatment, erections will be firmer and longer-lasting.

Build Muscle & Burn Belly Fat

You’ll start losing weight and increasing muscle mass within 2-3 months – sometimes with very little effort! Combine testosterone with healthy exercise & diet habits, and you’ll see amazing results. Most men can expect to lose 1-2 pant sizes after starting testosterone. 

Start Feeling Better in
3 Easy Steps!

Call/text us at 888-909-0034 or schedule online. 

2. Get Tested

Get a full set of labs that will give a comprehensive picture of your health status, including but not limited to your testosterone level. You’re a person, not a number, so we want to get the full picture. 

3. Start Treatment

We’ll review your lab work and talk about your health, your goals, and your treatment options in either an in-person or remote video visit (your choice). We’ll prescribe your medications & supplies, and you’re on your way!


Testosterone Optimization Therapy

$125 per month


  • Your supply of testosterone, shipped to your home

  • Injection supplies (if needed – testosterone cream also available)

  • Vitamin B12 injections

  • As-needed phone or video consultations

  • One visit per year for non-TRT-related health concerns

  • Unlimited text messaging/email with your healthcare provider

  • Revitalization and wellbeing!

Weight loss services & medications

ED Medication

Tadalafil (Cialis®)
  • Tadalafil 5 mg:
  • $35 for 30 tablets
  • $65 for 60 tablets
  • $75 for 90 tablets (Best Value!)

Tadalafil is super convenient. It is taken once daily and works whenever you need it to. Because it increases blood flow throughout the body (including muscles), it is also an effective pre-workout supplement. Many men find they can lift more and work out for longer after taking tadalafil. Tadalafil has also been shown to decrease inflammation, which is great for your health in general. In addition to reducing aches and pains, it may even help prevent atherosclerosis and prostate enlargement.

What Sets Us Apart

Did you know other men’s health companies only check 4-5 lab values before starting you on testosterone? Frankly, that’s just not good medicine. You need a full picture of your health before starting any medical treatment. That’s why we get a full set of labs, including your testosterone and other hormone levels, as well as other measures of how your body is functioning. This helps us provide you with the best care possible.

You’ll get personalized attention and convenience at Lifespring Health Center. You can easily book your appointments online and text your healthcare provider any time with questions. You’ll always see the same person, not whoever is available.

You’ll need to get follow-up labs every 2-3 months until your testosterone & other hormone levels are optimized. This usually takes 6 months or less. 

After that, we’ll just need to check your labs every 6 months.


About Cora Reynolds, NP

Cora Reynolds has been a nurse practitioner since 2013. She graduated from UCSF, one of the best NP schools in the country, with a master's degree in nursing, specializing in the care of adults. Most of her training, including a primary care / internal medicine residency, was done at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, where her patients were almost exclusively men. She is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and licensed in multiple states. Cora has spent most of her career working as a primary care provider, treating acute illnesses as well as chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, COPD, obesity, kidney disease, depression, substance use disorders, and hepatitis C. She also has expertise in palliative care, pain management, and hospice care.

My Story

I’ve been a full-time NP for over 10 years and have treated thousands of patients. As a primary care provider, many men have come to me asking me to check their testosterone levels. “Do you think I could have low testosterone, and that could explain how bad I feel?” they’d ask. My answer, until recently, was “possibly, but probably not.” I’d go ahead and check their testosterone levels anyway, but typically, they would be in the normal range, “according to the guidelines.” I’d tell them, “Nope, your testosterone level is normal! So it’s not that.” 

Little did I know that the “guidelines” for a normal testosterone level were essentially made up without much evidence, and based on the average testosterone levels of our generally unhealthy population. I didn’t know that American men in the 1940s had average testosterone levels nearly twice as high as those of American men today. Or that men’s average testosterone levels had been declining by 1% per year since 1987 (even when adjusted for age). I wonder now, if I had treated some of those patients of mine with testosterone therapy, would they have been able to lose weight? Would their heart and vascular function have improved? Would their depression have cleared? Sadly, I think the answer is probably “yes.” Unfortunately, this is simply not done in traditional primary care, nor is it taught in schools.

Through my own research, I found out about the devastating effects of hypogonadism (low testosterone), what men’s testosterone levels should really be, and about the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. What I learned inspired me to start this practice.

It’s sad that low testosterone is such an underdiagnosed, misunderstood problem that could be so easily fixed. I’m happy that I get to help men feel better and more like themselves.

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