Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How It Works

Our testosterone is “bioidentical.” That means that on a molecular/chemical level, it is exactly the same as the testosterone your body naturally produces. It comes in different forms, and you can choose whichever one feels right for you!

Injection: The most popular option and virtually pain-free (believe it or not!). You can inject testosterone in a fatty area (“subcutaneously”) or in a muscle (“intramuscularly”). It works the same, but subcutaneous injections are less painful. Just a short, thin needle, usually twice a week. We’ll walk you through your first injection in the clinic or on a video call, whichever you prefer. Pros: simple, easy, effective Cons: involves needles

Cream: Testosterone cream is just as effective, so if you just hate needles, this could be a good option for you! It is applied to the scrotum or the top of the foot (both areas have thin skin) twice daily. This option is particularly good for increasing libido. Pros: painless, effective, easy to apply Cons: can be messy, have to wait 2-3 hours before working out, must be careful not to transfer to a partner

Troches: These are mint- or fruit-flavored lozenges that you dissolve in your mouth 3-4 times per day. Pros: tasty, painless, easy Cons: not as effective, have to do it multiple times per day

Nasal Gel: Just what it sounds like. Comes in a twist pen. Pros: simple, painless, easy Cons: less effective, must apply 3 times per day

You’ll start out by getting lab work done and having your initial consultation with your healthcare provider to go over the results and decide if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. If you choose to start treatment, your testosterone and supplies will be mailed to you. You will have lab work every 2-3 months until your levels are optimized, then every 6 months thereafter. 

You can contact your provider any time by phone, email, or text with any questions or concerns. Follow-up visits are done as needed by phone, video, or in person. 

What You Can Expect

In A Few Weeks

Better mood and greater motivation

After 2-3 Months

Start losing weight and increasing muscle mass. Experience improved sex drive and erection quality.

After 6-12 Months

Feel strong, steady and consistent in these changes. It’s like getting your life back!