Direct Primary Care

Personalized Care When You Need It

At Lifespring Health Center, you’ll get personalized, concierge healthcare that is tailored to YOU and your needs. No more waiting months to get an appointment and then waiting forever to see your provider for 10 minutes. Get the care you need, when you need it.

We Cut Out The Middle Man

Your health should be between you and your provider, not the government or an insurance company administrator. Here, you get direct access to your provider and unlimited visits for an affordable, flat rate. We don’t bill insurance. This allows us to provide uncompromised service at a lower cost and always keep your best interests at the forefront. We also offer affordable a la carte services!

Holistic Healthcare

You are a complex individual with needs not quite like anyone else’s. That’s why we take care to address all aspects of your health – body, mind, and spirit – with traditional Western medicine combined with integrative and lifestyle therapies. By bringing together the best of all worlds, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan that is just right for YOU.

Direct Primary Care

$ 99 Monthly
  • 3 months Minimum
  • save 10% when you Pay for one year up front


Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can always reach your healthcare provider when you need to and get in for an appointment right away.

Ask about our package deals for direct primary care combined with our testosterone replacement therapy or weight loss programs!

Focused Visits

$ 75

Schedule an appointment to get help with a specific issue, whether you have an acute illness like a sinus infection, skin rash, or UTI, or you need a referral, test order, or medication refill. New medications may be prescribed, if needed. 

Includes the cost of a blood draw ($30 value), if needed, but does not include the cost of lab tests, which vary. You can use your insurance for labs if desired.

Yearly Physical

$ 149
  • Includes Lab Tests

Get a full physical evaluation, including a comprehensive general lab panel to check your blood counts, kidney and liver function, cholesterol levels, thyroid, blood sugars/diabetes screening, prostate cancer screening for men, and vitamin D level. 

If you’re someone who just needs to see your healthcare provider once a year for a check-up and prescription refills, or if you have multiple concerns, this is a great option for you!


Get discounted prices on many common lab panels for cash-pay, or use your insurance!

Lab draws are included for members (cost of the tests is separate depending on what you have done).

Non-member blood draw/urine test and lab order: $30. 

Additional costs may apply, depending on your insurance.

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